Saturday, May 10, 2014

What kind of person supports the Palistidiots?

Several days ago on TTAG, there was an article about an Israeli soldier having a confrontation with some palistinian yutes. A number of the commenters there were supportive of the palistidiots in their quest to anhiliate the Jews.
It blows my mind that any person could support people who do stuff like this. They have been teaching their kids to hate since the formation of Israel in 1948. People ignore that the Mandate of Palestine offered them a home land which they refused. The lands now known as Palistine, the West Bank, Gollan Heights, and Gaza Strip were one part of Syria, Jordan, and Egypt. The reason Israel controls them is that they kept having to kick mooslime ass.
Israel treats the pedophile worshipers as equals. they get to vote, own property, have jobs etc. Jews attempting to live in the palistinian areas do not get those rights. Heck, Jews living in any muslim controled nation are in grave danger, as are Christians.
To top it off, this is how they teach their children. In some ways I am surprised there are fewer homicide bombings in Israel. Ten years ago there were always reports of attacks by deranged men who thought they would get 72 virgins in the after life.
I say it all the time, islame is a perverted sex cult, nothing more. It is also the greatest threat to civilization of all time.

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