Saturday, May 24, 2014


People who read my blog think I like guns. That is true. Some of them also think I'm a pretty good shot. Some times, I do too. When I start thinking I'm a hot shot, I take a trip to the Dakota's and visit my brothers. They usually put me in my place and soundly.
A couple weeks ago my brothers all got together in the Black Hills for the spring turkey hunt. I missed it for a number of reason. I still have trouble traveling after surgery, but also had important stuff to deal with.
My second brother bagged a turkey. No big deal,lots of guys bag one EVERY YEAR. Right? Wrong. First off, he shot it at just under 200 yards. What? shotguns shoot that far? Well, yes, but he took it with a rifle. Ok, that's different. Wait, Rifles are allowed for Turkey? In South Dakota, yes.
Ok, so how is that special? It was a head shot. Imagine if you will, how big a turkey's head is. Possibly the only animal with a smaller brain is the liberal. Proof of their having a brain has yet to surface. We are talking, a target roughly the size of a golf ball that is moving two football fields away!
So, there you have it, I am not a good shot. Hell, I may be only mediocre.

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