Friday, May 16, 2014

Leave it to the professionals my ass

If you regularly check out TTAG, or other reliable news sources, you may have noticed a rash of officer involved shootings. There was an incident in Texas where Kileen SWAT executed a search warrant, and the misleader got executed instead. Entering through a window at four in the morning is a bad idea no matter who you think you are. Any law abiding citizen will think its a crook, and shoot on sight. Any druggie will think its his competition coming to steal his wares, and he too will shoot on sight.
Then there is the case near Phoenix AZ where a home owner heard a noise at 4 am and thought some one was trying to break in. He armed himself, and set out to investigate. He was shot dead with no warning by a trigger crazy cop who was supposedly searching for a robber. No "Police", No "freeze", just BOOM!
Last we have the events near Miami Florida where a bad guy robbed a convenience store. As he fled, he was caught by a flat foot, but shot his way out, fleeing in the squad car. The office survived, and shortly afterward, bozo the wannabe cop killer swapped the squad car for his grandmothers blue Volvo. The chase was on! The cops were running about like chickens with a fox in the hen house! Eventually, they got lucky and spotted the blue Volvo. Bad guy wanna be couldn't drive worth a shit though and crashed,pinning the car between a utility pole and a tree. End of story, the bad guy goes two jail? Wrong! Instead the popo surrounded the vehicle, and for reasons unknown, they opened fire. After firing fifty rounds into the vehicle,which was occupied by the dumb ass, and a person whom he had picked up at some point, peace again prevailed for a few minutes. Then all hell broke loose again! the Police, 23 officers strong, fired 377 rounds into the vehicle. The two guys inside had been alive after the first fusillade,but were stone cold dead after. No gun was found in the vehicle, and the bad guy and his friend absorbed a total of 50 rounds of hot lead.
To further prove their incompetence, the cops had the vehicle surrounded! it was a circular firing squad! Two cops got hit, and another was taken to the ER with shattered ear drums.
tell me again Bloominidiot how we should not have guns and instead trust the professionals. Couple these examples with the shooting expertise of the NYPD, and I think the cops should not be so well armed. If this is how a department acts, they lack the training to have auto loaders at all. Give them their revolvers, and two speed loaders. If they need more firepower, there are plenty of CCW holders around who can assist the local law enfarcement.
But if the officers still cannot control their raging instincts, maybe we cut them back to one round..... In a pocket.


Spartacus said...

I think a lot of these incidents involve 'roid rage. I've seen a hell of a lot of cops who when hired are skinny Barney Fife types, a year or two later they look like line backers in the NFL and have become ill tempered. That doesn't happen naturally.

JeremyR said...

Roid Rage? and all this time I blamed Dunkin' Donuts, and the tude on too much sugar. /sarc.
Good point.