Saturday, April 6, 2019

An even dozen so far

The Democrat ticket is on course to repeat the republican farce of 2016. With, for now, an even dozen, the dems still lack a candidate with anything resembling appeal. There is still time though, and many more extras, props, and stage hands waiting in the wings ready to take stage and make a name fool of themselves.
Who knows? By the time February 3rd arrives, they may have more can't-idates than there will be caucusers in Iowa. Imagine a field of 171,518 democraps running,and not a viable choice in the lot.
Yup, a repeat of 2016 with even more poor choices.
Sundance has expressed that he believes they have a "chosen one" waiting in the wings, set to announce in the coming weeks, and he may be right. Given their love of identity politics, expect something like Moose to run. Yes, the former first Yeti campaigning for the Presidency. Or, it may be that they know they have little chance of beating President Trump, and are instead data mining o see what ideas rather than which freaks appeal to the baseness of their base.
Given their penchant for fraud and chicanery, it is still possible that a beta like Beto could walk away with the election. Put nothing past them. they are communists as evil as Stalin or Mao, and we cannot take them lightly. Even their lightweights like Oral-Anal-Crossconnection.

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