Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Did they do the right thing?

The Supreme Court denied, by a 5-4 vote, the appeal of Russell Bucklew, a dirtbag from Missouri who has been on death row far to long. Bucklew asserted that due to medical conditions, executing him by lethal injection would cause needless pain and suffering. Bucklew has been on death row for twenty years following his conviction for kidnapping, rape, and murder. His assertion was that due to his condition, laying on a gurney would cause needless suffering, and asked that he be executed by nitrogen hypoxia instead.
Dead is dead. It matters not to me if he suffers a little bit while laying on the table. That said, with the misconduct by the drug companies making the chemicals hard to acquire, having another option for executing these scum would be a great thing.
It would not bother me in the least if murderers and rapists were put to death using crucifixion, dismemberment, or any heinous method you care to name, as long as it makes them dead. But I don't have to witness them, I'm not the one strapping them down and inserting the needles. Consideration needs to be giving for the people who conduct these methods of justice and for the people who come to witness them.
One side of me would love it if the condemned were executed in front of the entire prison population in a most painful way. Let them know what is in store for them if they don't change their ways. Another side of me thinks that doing the execution stealthily would be better. An air tight chamber for their cell, and they never know when the ventilation system will be pumping in pure nitrogen instead of normal air. They would go to bed not knowing if it was their last day on earth.
I'd also equip every cell with a convenient ring in the middle of the ceiling so they could choose suicide.
I would also have them select their last meal, from a predetermined list, on the day they are sentenced, then feed it to them for every meal from then on.
This is a toughy because if the supremes had sided with Russ, Prax-air and Midstates Airgas would replace Abott and Hoffmann  LaRoche as suppliers for the death houses and the anti justice crowd would be fuming even more.

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