Friday, April 19, 2019

No apology

Lavrentiy Beria, head of Joseph Stalin's secret Police famously said, " Show me the man and I will show you the crime." For the last two plus years we have been bombarded with media reports and leaks claiming that the circle was getting ever tighter on Our elected president, Donald J. Trump.
What began with the ObamAA- administration illegally spying on the Trump Presidential campaign, quickly blossomed into a full fledged attempt on the part of the communist infested democrat party to overthrow our government by nullifying an election.
Lets look back at history, shall we? in 2008 the democrats took control of everything, they had the presidency, the House, and a filibuster proof majority in the senate. They steam rolled through the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, which incidentally neither protected patients or provided affordable health care, in the dead of night at the moment their filibuster proof majority perished with the election of Scott Brown to replace evil Ted Kennedy. Because they were under the gun with no time left to fix the many screw ups in their master piece of failure and delusion, we were stuck with it and we were not happy.
That led to the election of 2010 and the rise of the TEA party within the republican party. republicans took back control of the house which they had lost in 2006 when they kept acting like democrats and spending like thieves. They also had a net gain of seven seats in the Senate but did not flip that chamber as the donks held on to 51.
We now know there was a massive attempt by the Obama administration to control the elections in Hitleresque fashion. Adminstration forces within the IRS used their powers to block many groups supporting TEA party candidates. While that is not quite the same as Hitler outlawing all other political parties, it was intended to have the same result.
In 2012 the republican establishment forced Mittens McRomneycare down our throats. If the goal was to find a republican as repulsive as Barry, they succeeded. 2016 was shaping to be another BS election as republicans fielded a list of candidates as wide as the Amazon and as shallow as a mud puddle. Some were genuine good men. Others were fillers intended to split the vote for the good men and keep them off the stage at the party convention. Until Donald Trump threw his MAGA hat in the ring. Suddenly the republican party was taking off like a rocket. people who were as enthusiastic about elections as they are about root canals were going to rallies. Donald Trump could fill a stadium. HiLlARy could fill a closet. It was evident to me by September of 2015 that he was going to carry the day. At some point the people in Slinky's camp also began to figure that out. To that end, they began a research dossier, aptly named the Steele memo as the intent was to steal the election. They wiretapped the Trump campaign, planted moles, spies, and some royal pieces of crap in attempts to throw him off his game. They failed. shortly after the election, they leaked to the press claims that Russia had interfered in the election. This after mocking Donald Trump for making statements about attempts by foreign actors to interfere.
There is a long track record of foreign interference. The easiest example is the Chinese working with Al Gore's campaign and funneling money to it. There have been more including the many anonymous donations from foreign locations to Barry's 2008 fund.
All this led to the formation of Mueller's team, a pack of angry democrats hell bent on overturning the results of the election, or at least souring the waters. Make no mistake, they succeeded in part. The last two years have been chaotic at best. Very little of what president Trump set out to do has been accomplished.  The 2018 midterms were effected by this, and now we will endure another 20 months of democrat skullduggery from Nancy P. Lousy's cult in the House of Resentatives.
That Mueller came up with nothing to hang on president Trump is amazing. While I am certain there was no collusion, they attempted to twist every move he made as obstructionism. They fed total garbage to their fiends in the press which was then regurgitated to the public, some of whom began to believe the lies.
But President Trump is a careful man. he seems to have an instinct for the line and he knows never to cross it. Still, Lavrentiy  Beria could have found some millstone to hang on President Trump. Any lie would have worked for the scum down at FNN and (P)MSNBC. Mueller couldn't deliver even that though. Yup,he bungled it for the donks. All that is left are the inuendo's and the lies the press continue to pass to gullible people. And pass them they will. It does not matter to them, they are demonic in their quest to destroy America. The obstical in hteir way for now is president Trump.
What happens when one of their crazy turd swallowers goes off the rails? James Hodgkinson is not the only crazy in Illinois. to make matters worse, there are nineteen other states chock full of communist sympathizers aching for a chance to harm a republican, any republican. But you can bet there are a few, one is too many, who would welcome the chance to target our president.
What mule ears and his team pulled was worse than treason. It would have been quite easy to assess the claims in the Steel dossier and disprove every one of them. Instead of ascertaining whether there was a crime, they decided to act as though there really was one. This was a refinement of the brownshirt thuggery which brought Hitler to power.  We have seen so many parallels between 1930 Europe it is sickening.
As a Christian, I know what is coming. I will not stand meekly by while these children of Satan strive to take down our nation. These people want their one world government. They are not satisfied to destroy on the scale of Venezuela, they want to control it all.
Yesterday Don Surber published his apology for disrespecting Robert Mueller and his team. I don't feel the same way. Sorry... Or not.

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