Sunday, April 7, 2019

Obama was right

What a sad state of affairs. The United States was founded on religious principles. Our Declaration acknowledges his existence and his sovereignty yet today we are turning our backs on him.
Last week I had supper with a retired minister who had once led a large Lutheran church. One of the things he told me was that during the 80's and 90's, his church confirmed between thirty and forty teens every year. Of that group who took their first communion on Mauny Thursday, only about half ever took communion again.
He was not pulling numbers out of thin air. WELS Lutherans practice closed communion, and back then, members would sign a register for communion before the service. All he did was scan the register looking for their names.
Today antitheism has surpassed Catholicism as the largest religious demographic in America comprising 23.1% of the population. Catholicism has dropped to second and Evangelicals have fallen to just 10.8% of the population.
Back in 1996 when worthless Willie was seeking a second term, he courted the homosexual movement and shunned Christians. at that time 80% of Americans identified as some form of believer, Catholic, Protestant, or Jewish. Already then though, only about ten percent of people claiming to be religious attended any type of service on a regular basis. Furthermore, when quized about the Bible, only 8% could correctly answer a list of iirc thirty questions about scripture. Those questions were not hard in depth faith defining ones, it was simple things like is Daniel a book of the old or new Testament, naming six of the ten commandments, naming three of the twelve disciples etc.
People did not know who baptized Jesus. They did not know that Joseph was the husband to his mother.
Our nation is not in decline, it is in free fall. Our kids spend one hour a week at church, those who are parented by believers, maybe one in Sunday school, but spend six to seven hours a day, five days a week, being indoctrinated with lies and garbage.
We have less than 5,000 years of recorded History, a record that begins with claims of a world wide flood survived by a man, his wife, their three sons and their wives, and a rich oral history of a time before that when GOD created the earth and man, man sinned, and debauchery encircled the globe.
The counter claim being fed our kids is that earth's history extends back millions of years if not billions, and that every thing that is, is the result of a cosmic accident, and that we are merely mutated pond scum.
Our Constitution was designed for the governance of a GOD fearing moral people. it is inadequate to control those who rebel against GOD and nature. America may be in it's last days. The words of the Constitution are meaningless today because the people who should embrace them are rejecting them as surely as they are rejecting the Bible and the truth of GOD.
What makes it all the worse is Barry being correct, but then, a broke clock is right twice a day, so him being right once in eight years... Still sucks.
Abram asked GOD to spare Sodom if a hundred good men were found and GOD would have. Will he spare America? There comes a time to cut the tares.

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