Thursday, April 25, 2019

Walter is in

Jeff Dunham could have a field day modifying a few of his puppets and making his next show a mockery of the communist party debates. Did I just say the democrats have morphed into communists? Should I apologize? Sorry Commies, didn't mean to imply you are worthless rats on a sinking ship.
Biden has been polling well. the revelations about his creepiness seem to not bother people who have been numbed by the constant barrage of attacks on public figures for the last three years.
It may very well be that the few people who came forward in the last few weeks were intended to be a test prior to his perpetual campain kicking off for the umpteenth time.
Funny how the anti-white male party is leaning toward a white male albeit a creepy one, to run against President Trump in 2020.
Creepy Joe already has the endorsement of three leftist Senators; Chris Coons of Delaware naturally had to and was joined by By Bob Crazy err Casey of Pennsylvania and Doug Jones, the mistake from Alabama.
Joe's campaign slogan will be; "If I'm elected, the Secret Service will keep me from touching your daughters and wives".
At this rate, by the time they hold their first debate, they will have almost enough brain cells on the stage for a synapse.

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