Sunday, April 14, 2019

Not really a crime against Trump

With the completion of the Mueller hoax investigation, we now know there was no collusion between the campaign of Donald Trump and Russia. We also know beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Obama administration spied on the Trump campaign, and when it became necessary to cover their tracks, they made up fake allegations and planted people into the campaign staff to create the illusion of collusion.
We now know that they abandoned the rule of law to gain access to the inner working of his campaign. We know they tapped his phone calls, intercepted his private texts and emails and in all likelihood, read his mail as well.
We know they crafted tails of peeing Russian hookers out of the very same material they used to craft their jobs packages and hell err health care reforms. Unicorn farts? We could be so lucky.
While Donald Trump was the focus of their misdeeds, he was not the target. We were.
Yes, us. Us. US. The Entire U.S. every citizen here whether one or one hundred was the intended victim of this fraud. We owe their failure to GOD.
Our nation is slowly collapsing. As with every empire through the ages, This United States is in decline. That has been the pattern of civilizations, and whether we talk about the Egyptians, the Persians, the Greeks, Romans, Spanish, or the English, each empire has had it's rise, it's zenith, and it's decline. We are nearing that point, and the liberals of today are bound and determined to send us into our decline at Mach speeds. Maybe even warp speed, after all, they have warped minds.
Right now we have a one in a million chance to stop the slide, arrest the fall, right the ship. What ever metaphor you want, pick one, I don't care. The simple fact is, that with President Trump we have a chance to stop the slide if only temporarily.
The administration of Barry the puppet spied on the Trump campaign. Back in 2015 the republicans had a vast field of Can'tidates, a stage full of nice sounding losers, reduxes of Mittens Romneycare and John McInsane, this crop was picked, not by rank and file conservatives, but by the liberal elite who funnel money to campaigns to ensure that true conservatism takes a back seat to the just get along, go with the flow, embrace the embarrassment crop of representatives we have in Washington. Men who take the bribes in the form of speaking fees and book deals and abandon the people who elected them.
That apple cart got upended when Donald Trump entered the race. At first they dismissed him, this was a publicity stunt. They correctly analyzed that becoming President would cost this very rich man millions if no billions. What they did not understand was that while Donald Trump knew and understood that, he saw future reward in it. not for himself, at his age, another billion is mere vanity. He was thinking of his children, grand children and great grandchildren. And by extension, the grand children of you and me.
He was in the race to stay. More importantly, he was in it to win it.
The democrats at first were counting on the usual graft and corruption to carry the day for them. HiLlARy ran a typical campaign, one that would have made low energy Jeb look energetic because she was counting on the graft.
Some of the evil inside our government weren't taking chances though. The slinky's campaign started the Steele dossier ironically to steal the election, but it was so much garbage that no sane person would have gone for it. So, in an effort to stop president Trump, they used it to legitimize the spying they were doing on Trump's campaign.
Whether Carter Page was knowingly steered, incidentally steered, or accidentally steered into the Trump campaign is up for debate, but his presence was seized upon by the ner-do-wells injustice to use as a reason to legitimize them spying on Donald Trump.
The goal became to destroy the President. To rip the presidency away from President Trump and install a figurehead of their choosing. It would not have been Mike Pence. They would have taken him out as well. Whether they would have allowed Ryan, the second in line to ascend is questionable, I believe their goal was to create chaos during the first two year, which they did, then anoint Nancy P. Lousy, or possibly Cankles to be the President in his place.
The simple fact though is this was never about President Trump. He is merely in their way. This is about you. It is about me, it is against every voter who supported the Not HiLlARy candidate who offered to Make America Great Again. This was a crime against the nation. This was a crime against our form of government and against our Constitution. This was a failed coup to overthrow our government by people in government who were sworn to uphold the Constitution but chose instead to become Lords rather than be servants.

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