Monday, April 22, 2019

Why isn't this treason?

By now, everyone with a functioning brain knows the Russian collusion investigation was a hoax intended to bring down the rump administration. Those who have been paying attention also know that the whole Steele Dossier involved intel assets from several foreign governments with,or without the knowledge and consent of their leaders.
An aide to Australia’s High Commissioner Alexander Downer, Erika Thompson, met with George Papadopolis which led to his involvement. This was facilitated by Christian Cantor, an Israeli intel asset working in London. This was eventually used against Papadopolis.Read the CTH article to get full background.
So what we had was governments of supposedly friendly nations working to undermine ours. Friends? British Prime Minister Henry John Temple said, "We have no eternal allies, and we have no perpetual enemies. Our interests are eternal and perpetual, and those interests it is our duty to follow."
Because they saw in President Trump, American exceptionalism which they fear, they felt it was Okay to interfere in our government. In so doing, they chose to become our enemy.
Orr did they? It may be a few rogue agents, a couple of bad apples. What the president needs to do is issue a subpoena for them to come testify and request full disclosure from the Australia government which has gone haywire in my opinion. Then, if they refuse, declare to congress that a State of war exists between us and Australia, suspend travel and trade between us and them, and sanction nations which elect to trade with Australia.
Then do the same thing with Steele and London. We need them like a swamp needs mosquitoes. They need us far worse. Use this to topple the faulty government of Theresa May? Let the English decide whom they want to ally with.
Step two is to round up every American intel asset that worked to compose this pile of excrement and after a speedy trial, stand them in the path of a few speedy bullets.
Step three is to round up all the members of congress who assisted with this and execute them on top of the bodies of their co-conspirators.
We have a lot of people in Washington who want to make us a small piece in a one world government where despots like Maduro in Venezuela would have equal say in the happenings of our economy. We are the most prosperous nation on earth because we have kept the despots at bay. For eight of the last ten years our government has been in the stranglehold of allies of those despots. Sure, HiLlARy deposed Qaddafi in Libya, but he didn't want to play ball with the globalists either.
If the next year does not see Washington cleaned up, we are doomed. The power brokers need to be stopped now.
Much as I want that to happen and for us to get good government again, I know it is a pipe dream. We are only a short time away from the dooms days of Revelation. we can slow the wheels, but not reverse them. GOD, help us.

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