Friday, April 30, 2010

On the Hutaree Militia

I am still on the fence. Kinda that is. A bullhauller I know regularly travels through that area. He knows many of the neighbors of these guys, and in the opinions he has related to me, these guys are harmless. A little nutty maybe, you would have to be to sit and talk about killing a cop, and then laugh and joke, unless you are totally not serious.
A lot of people, in fact every one who is sane, no longer trusts our government. A lot of people are trying to decide what they will do in the event that our government goes over the edge. We think it cannot happen here, but it has happened elsewhere in the past. From Nazi Germany to Hungary, when totalitarian regimes gain power, it does not take long for otherwise normal every day ordinary cops to turn into brutal thugish cretins. If you think it is not so, you are delusional. Tests have proven that joe averages can go from opposing torture to gleefully torturing subjects in a matter of a day or less. All that is needed is to convince the subject torturer that the person they are helping to interogate has comitted some heinour other world type crime. University research has shown this.
The Judge is presently deciding whether to keep these guys locked up. If youo do not believe our own government can go rogue, think again. Ruby Ridge happened under George HW Bush's watch. He was supposed to be the type of prez a conservative could trust. In the end it was proven Weaver was framed. His only true crime was failing to make a court appearance, and that after the date was fucked up by everyone from his liar err lawyer to the probate assigned to him. Therefore his wife was a murder victim. Check out the rules of engagement the FBI used, and see if you want to trust the Gov.
The second example is Waco. Koresh had some full autos, but, they were also licensed gun dealers. They were an odd mix to be sure, and maybe some real crimes happened before the ATF came knocking like jack booted thugs. What is certain is that the gov reacted in absolutely the wrong way. They had an informant inside the compound. Oddly, Koresh knew who exactly he was. Koresh also had regular habits. He could have been arrested on any of his regular excursions out of the compound. To be sure, he was a child molester. They were indeed a sex cult, and something needed to be done. Make no mistake, I do not condone his actions. Instead of what was needed though, we got carnage! His victims became our victims. Women who fell under his influence, little children, and dupes bought his BS. The government played into his hands, and the dupes and victims who stayed with him died.
I am not attempting to defend in any way Tim McVey. He was a terrorist pure and simple. he murdered innocents, and two wrongs do not make a right. Had he gone out and killed Janet Reno, or the leader of the ATF team that assualted Waco, I might feel a little sympathy. I would still vote to convict him though, we have a court system for dealing with that. yes it is broke, that the FBI agent who murdered Vicki Weaver was not tried, and sentenced to death by firing squad is proof that our system is broke. We still have a supposed voice in our government. It may just be that Chicago politics is the law of the land, in which case its past time to revolt, but I do not believe that to be the case. As long as we the people have a say in our government, there is no reason to carry out a revolt.
That does not mean that we should not be prepared to take back our government. If the day comes, it wll be too late to prepare then.

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