Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Occupied Wall Street

I've been pondering these protests for quite a while now. An angry mob has taken over wall street. Some of their demands sound at least a little reasonable on the surface, others are from out there in la-la land.
Reality is that most of the folks with money got it by working for it. A few bilked the system, but most did it by providing a product or service at a reasonable cost for consumers. Steve Jobs, Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, and many more earned every dime they have. That money is not sitting in a dust vault, it is part of our economy, providing capital for other enterprising souls. Bill Gates did not make the OWS folks poor, other factors did. That is how capitalism works. Socialism doesn't, the only two systems that survive are capitalism, and totalitarianism. Totalitarianism works because they kill the slackers. No welfare, no lazy mouths to feed.
People decry corporate greed. Most corporations are made up of share holders. if you own stock in any company, you are part of greedy corporate America. Your stock may have lost value in recent years. Most companies still pay a dividend, and that is where smart investors make their money, not in day trading.
The OWS crowd is unhappy that they cannot find jobs. So are a lot of people put out of work by a democrat congress and their bad policies. These kids need to wake up shut up, open their eyes and ears and learn a few things. America does not need a million graduates with degrees in botanical design. hell, we don't need a million lawyers either.
The only change I see for our current situation is to go back to buying American. What good is a living wage if no one wants the product at the price that will force? Corporations shipped jobs over seas. they saw a chance to make money that way because labor costs went through the roof thanks to the unions. If the OWS crowd want to make a difference, they could start by decking a union thug. jail time? Sure, but they are getting jailed for the dumb stuff they are doing on Wall Street. hope they get smart before they get old. My money is on old.

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