Thursday, February 16, 2017

2018 is coming

Out supposed republican congress has turned obstructionist in the last few weeks. If you were expecting something different, you were delusional. The critters in Washington play for money, They are the political pro team. Put it this way, a kid who grows up a vikings fan, goes to the University of Minnesota, and gets drafted by Green Bay will still play his heart out for the slackers because that is what he is paid to do. The politicians we send to Washington get "perks and benefits" from the insiders club. Prior to Citizens United, it was hard for then to funnel massive quantities of cash to individual candidates. For that reason, the club is big, more hands dropping nickels in the tip jar.
Now though, they can have one guy donating a million instead of a million donating a buck.
Local contributions are a joke to the elite in Washington. Congress critters who don't accept money find themselves in the fight of their life in the next election. With that being the construct, is any one surprised that a republican congress has not rolled up its sleeves and gotten to work on the mandate given President Trump?
It is time for grass roots candidates to roll out their campaigns. Word to the wise, only one challenger per though, and make darn sure it is not a uniparty mole like the bunch of ass-clowns we had campaigning against Trump in the primary races.
A good effort is needed. The folks in Arizona seriously fucked up when they kept North Vietnamese Air Ace John McInsane. Face it people, if he had won in 2008 we'd have been just as screwed as we were by Barry. The odds of ever getting term limits passed is miniscule, so it is up to us to term limit them. If their reelection war chest has contributions from any out of state outfits, make them one and done.
An old friend who passed this summer had a sticker on his truck, re-elect NO ONE!
Another option would be to not allow then to campaign unless Congress is adjourned. We may make some bad choices, but none could be worse than reelecting these obstructionist turds.

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