Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Is this BS or is this BS?

A restaurant in San Antonio Texas received a note on their bill saying the food was tasty, the service attentive, but the customer would not return because the owner was "Mexican", America first".
Does this remind any one of some incidents in the recent past? the similarity to the Lesbian server is too much for me.
Yes, the owner is a real Mexican... From Mexico! He is here on an E-2 visa  which allows him as an investor to own a business here. I do not know any conservatives who would act this way. Eat elsewhere? Sure, people do that whether conservative or socialist. It is noted in the article that he, the owner, is unsure how the people would have known he was from Mexico. It takes a lot of in depth research to learn that, research that just doesn't happen while folks dine.

This though is a typical tactic of the left. Whether a real note left by a leftard customer, or a manufactured one created by a member of the staff, this is the usual pattern for the perpetually aggrieved.
That it made the news is sad. That we will never know the truth is the real problem here though. Unlike the lesbian LIAR, this receipt has been sufficiently altered to make discovery by the real customer unlikely. The time, order number, and even the dishes are not readable, making  the chance of some one stepping forward and calling them near impossible.
Lefties learn, they just don't learn to do the right thing.

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