Wednesday, February 1, 2017

This is an easy problem to solve

Milo Yiannopoulos speach at Bezerkly was canceled today because of riots on campus. Other bastions of liberal brainwashing have denied him access, he is as welcome among the CLAMs as a turd in a punch bowl. The left, from farcebook and google to news media and academia, only believe in free speech as long as it is speech they agree with.
Milo Yiannopoulos is not the only one they are targeting, he is merely the most prominent. This pattern emerged last year during the presidential primaries when Trump supporters were attacked.
The simple solution is to defund and decertify the institutions involved. Many students depend on Pell Grants and federally secured loans to pay for their indoctrination. Cut the spigot. If no federal tax dollars were allowed to flow to those institutions, or to institutions which directly fund them, the marxist chanters would think twice about rousing the rabble.
Step two, notify all organizations which contract with the federal government that if they hire graduates from those institutions, they will loose their contract. State simply that national security requires that organizations which supply services or equipment to the government are placed in jeopardy by the presence of people who are prone to riot and oppose the very liberties which the government is tasked with protecting.
Step three, shut down the ROTC, NROTC and AFROTC on those campuses out of concern for the safety of the cadets, but also out of concern that they may be graduating members disloyal to the United States. Worst case scenario is that our military comission officers only from West Point, Annapolis, Colorado Springs and their respective OCS schools. Men and women, serious about becoming officers will ditch the lame schools for ones that will accept them and conform to national standards of respect.
Step four, place the staff of those universities on the terror watch list. Snot nose kids fresh out of high school are not crafting this garbage on their own. Adults at some level are encouraging this and helping to plot it. When these haughty clowns find themselves unable to fly, take the train, or even gray hound, they will think twice about the actions they encourage.
Step five, do the same for every person arrested in one of these riots, and if the police decline to release the date, enhance scrutiny for every student enrolled at that school. Spring break sucks when it starts with a high colonic. especially one given by the TSA. Dang, until now, I have considered them as useful as circle flies.
Unbridled Communism Davis and Unbridled Communism Berkley are not the only two. They are, however, a start. Liberalism is a mental disorder, and it is becoming like a cancer. We need to find a cure and fast.

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