Friday, February 3, 2017

Breaking newz

An Egyptian immigrant is near death in a Paris hospital tonight after an incident near the Louvre. The un-named victim recently arrived via Dubai and while resting in his hotel room discovered deal dash dot com. He made his first purchase, a large knife some have described as a machete for $1.13, and was so excited when he got it that he immediately went out to brag about this awesome deal. The knives normally retail in several Paris shops for between $1.87 and $2.05.
When He approached the Louvre, he was happily praising his god for his good fortune when a gang dress as soldiers open fire on him with regulated weapons obtained from a military arsenal, possibly stolen. This reporter doubts the men were soldiers, French troops are taught to drop their weapons at the first sign of trouble, imagined or real.
Investigators are attempting to determine whether this shooting was done out of jealousy, or was a robbery attempt gone awry.
This incident again shows the danger immigrants face in Europe where a large portion of the population is ethnophobic.

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