Thursday, February 16, 2017

How do you tarnish the credibility of an organization with zero credibility?

Jeff Sucker is touting an internal review conducted by Fake News Network claiming that President Trump's attacks on them have had zero effect. I'm not driving over to the air port to check, but I'd bet their TVs are still tuned to Crapola, or Horiffic Lies News.
FWIW, I am still off of faux. I know a lot of viewers are crawling back in desperation for tidbits of information even if it is garbage, such is our hunger for news of the world. I feel their pain, our local liberal squawker on the radio has been replaced by a two male(?) one female version of the view. At least with Johnnny on the job Anderson, we could filter the liberal bias, with the new crew we get nothing in the morning, at least not in the 8:00a.m. time slot.

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