Sunday, February 26, 2017

The evil of two lessers

While the press was focused on maligning CPAC, the communist party old white guys club met to pick the next failure to lead the democRAT party. Tom Perez, a former suck up to Barry Soetoro was chosen in the second round over jihadist Keith Ellison. The only thing I can equate this to is picking the smartest retard.
After the chaos that surrounded the unreported cold shoulder given to Bernie Sanders by the democrat party and Deb whats-her-name-sluts, The party picked Donna Brasshole, another rat in the thick of the scandal to fill her shoes. Whether that all contributed to the loss of HiLlARy is a matter for discussion, but rather than assessing why they lost, the demonics decided to double down on dumb and continue their quest to destroy The United States in favor of one world government. It is one thing to march to a different bet, quite another to go against the flow.
In the last eight years we have been allowed to glimpse what both unfettered liberalism and global jihad look like. Neither view is pretty, in fact both  are dang scary. Liberalism run amuck is issue one in Europe. It invites and aids global jihad in destruction. Sweden, a nation that asserted it's right to neutrality through dominant force in WW2 is on the verge of burning. The leaders are clueless, and it does not matter if we mean Merkel or Löfven. You don't double down on a mistake by making it bigger. That is what both want to do in taking in more rapefugees. Europe should take in exactly half the number that Saudi Arabia accepts. That would be, lets see, zero divided by two is..... ZERO We can send them our big 0 and get him out of Washington. It would save on deporting him back to Indonesia.
What the dems should have done, and thank GOD they did not, is measure the pulse of the rank and file. Or maybe they did, dead voters don't have a pulse. Americans are sick of the grand times we had under Barry. funemployment is only fun for a little while, then nasty things like bills creep in. It is hard to pay rent with an empty check book, and food is out of the question when the lines for donations at the food bank are longer than the street it sits on.
If the dems had done right their people, they could have considered David Clarke to lead them to greatness. Instead, that democrat was speaking at CPAC. When you snub good leaders, they find positions elsewhere.

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