Sunday, February 5, 2017

Protecting the uniparty

If there was ever any doubt that McConnell is owned by the establishment globalists, the proof comes out in this article. Plenty of evidence has surfaced since November 8 about voter fraud. We know that moonbeam Brown is in panic mode as the government of Mexifornia scrambles to make documenting of illegal invaders voting nearly impossible to trace by deleting government records or altering them.
We also know that past elections have had monumental events of fraud from the documented but never prosecuted double voting by snow birds in Florida in 2000 to the dismissal of shargeds against the black panther party by the arab president's attorney general.
McConnell does not want the apparatus of fraud dismantled, or rather the people pulling his strings don't want it to happen. The globalists like George the nazi Soros do not want the apparatus they built through control of the Secretary of the various states offices to be interfered with.
The battle field has shifted, the globalists are not going away simply because Trump won. This is trench warfare right now. Expect to see no real movement until the 2018 elections clean house. I hope.
Remember, Trump made promises that got him elected and he intends to hold to his word. While the democrats are obstructionist, they are not the only problem. Hell, they are so impotent now they are no problem at all. It is the men and women who ar supposed to be Conservative we must deal with.

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