Friday, February 24, 2017

I guess folks don't want coffee exploding with flavor

Starbucks is tanking. Is it any surprise? Their decision to hire 10,000 rapefugees does not set well with people. Even the Latte sipping liberals in their Birkenstocks don't want to be confronted with islam even if they claim to be all too inclusive. Its one thing to be gay and spout off, another to risk getting your nuts blown off because the guy serving you coffee was beheading Syrian faggots only a few weeks ago.
Am I upset? No. I don't drink Starbucks. I've never had a cup, and most likely never will. Before I lost my sense of smell, the assault on my nostrils when I entered the local Kroger made me want to vomit. The store on my side of town has only one entrance, so most times I'd just hold my breath. Losing the old sniffer has many down sides. It's nice to have a silver lining on a cloud once in a while.
Why they put a Starbucks in the entry is beyond me. With luck, it will be closing soon. Real soon.

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Dan O. said...

I've never been in a Starbucks and if you held a gun to my head I still couldn't tell you the location of even one store. I have had one cup of their "coffee". Some carmel flavored crap that a co-worker handed me saying they gave him an extra one at the drive-thru. Don't know what going price is but, free is more than it's worth.

I'll stick to my Folgers Black Silk. Straight-up, black as a Chicago gang.