Saturday, June 23, 2018

Redneck Sham-pede

It's that time of year... AGAIN. A hundred thousand or more posers have descended on Manhattan Kansas for the 22nd Potty on the Prairie. Kansas' largest country music festival is in full swing and all the urban cowboys are trying to figure out how to look spiffy in a cheap Stetson clone.
This attracts the usual riffraff, and the locals mostly bail for the weekend. At least they've quit killing folks... For now. The first one opened with a murder as well.
Since we all know that the majority of the "country " folks know little to nothing about ranching farming, or country life in general, Let me ask this question; How do you tell a real cowboy from an urban cowboy? With a real cowboy, the shit is on the outside of the boot.
Don't get me wrong, I like old time country. Most of this modern crap is exactly that, crap.

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