Saturday, June 30, 2018

What is she saying?

Kirsten Gillibrand, Communist New York, is having a hissy fit about President Trump getting to appoint another justice to the Supreme Court. Speaking at a ditch the list rally, she stated "This is not a fire drill; this is not a hypothetical case. Please understand this is already happening in states ... women have been arrested, mothers have been arrested when they’re trying to get the health care that their daughters might need ..."
Think about that, mothers getting arrested for seeking health care for their daughters? For real? She is not talking about health care in the same way we would, she is talking about abortion. But why would a mother be arrested for seeking a legal abortion for her daughter? Simple, we are talking about an underage minor, a girl too young to legally consent to having sexual relations who is wanting to abort the evidence that the child was molested. 
Remember Killer Tiller? He was famous for his abortions on children as young as nine. girls were transported in from out of state and an abortion performed. State laws were violated, and the district attorney in Segwick County looked the other way. Girls from Iowa and Nebraska, referred by the abortuary in Omaha.
What kind of mother would do that? What kind of sick person allows some one to get away with molesting a child? Maybe the democrats are ok with that, but I am not. Lets make sure the next supreme court justice is a firm believer in the Constitution. Lets hope he is a man who fears GOD.

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