Friday, June 1, 2018

California Republicans are DEMOCRATS

At least according to EVIL google who lists nazism as the ideology of the California Republican Party. Well, it just might be the case, the last republican Governor was Der Gropen Fuehrer Schwarzenegger, who is almost as liberal as Moonbeam Brown.
Seriously, there are a lot of good folks in California. It is not easy to simply flee from the menace that is liberalism. Many of those people have a life time of investment in California, debts they cannot walk away from, jobs, property, every thing we as conservatives value, every thing we would fight for. That the few havens of massive liberal insanity control the state is a serious problem. Many are in fact fleeing the state. The problem is, many of those leaving are the rat bastard liberals who made the mess they cannot stand to live in.
For the last two years we have endured leftists calling us every name consigned to hell, yet it is the democrats who live the life, walk the walk and epitomize the evils of communism, socialism, nazism, racial hate, etc.
Some people say we are already in a civil war, but that the shooting has yet to start. Seriously???? The first Civil War started in 1854 in Bloody Kansas. There was plenty of shooting, assaults, lynchings, you name it for six years prior to the attack on Ft Sumner by democrat agent provocateurs.
The shootings, assaults and such started in 2015. What has not happened, yet, is conservatives fighting back.

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Gregory said...

I saw a few trying to fight back in the antifa riots last summer, but you are right,
Republicans are too docile---Probably because they have to be at their jobs on Monday morning...