Thursday, June 14, 2018


Somebody PLEASE explain to me how, with a shred of honesty, the IG for the FBI can claim there was no political bias? I had hopes that we would get the clear unvarnished truth from the FBI. We already knew most of what has transpired over the last three years, make no mistake, we are not in a vacuum even with the alphabet media playing cover and gaslight. The buffoons who call themselves reporters have spilled so much in their rush to convince the public that President Trump is unfit to lead, and that HiLlARy was the only person who could. They told us early on that President Trump's campaign and transition were spied on, then called us conspiracy theorists for pointing out what they said.
The fix, the only fix, is in a top to bottom cleaning of the FBI and DOJ. FIRE EVERY LAST ONE! Then, start out with a new blue print and build a Federal Investigative section within the U.S. Marshall's office to assist and coordinate with local law enforcement, but give them no authority to make arrests. And no SWAT assassins murdering mothers holding their babies.

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