Saturday, June 23, 2018

A simple solution

We have a manufactured crisis on our southern border. In addition to the thousands already sneaking in, we are besieged with a mass claiming refugee status. Our system to deal with this is being intentionally overwhelmed, and we know the actors behind this.
Currently we are incarcerating these invaders and then a hearing is held to determine whether they should be allowed into the United States. Under Barry Soetoro, the puppet of George Soros, the government operated catch and release. When ever a deportable alien was caught, they were processed, photographed, finger printed, given a date to appear and released into our country. Most never showed up for court. Most, like fleas, move onto the host, us, and like fleas, set up shop and began to burrow and breed.
Thanks to a hodgepodge of insane court rulings, those who invade us accompanied by children, cannot be held loner than twenty days because the children can only be held for twenty days.
What to do? I was at a Carlos O'Kelly's restaurant last week. The place was jam packed. The waiting area was FULL. The benches out front were full. People were sitting in their vehicles waiting their turn. Carlos O'Kelly got the phone number of every person waiting and when it was my turn, I got a text message to come in. Of course, at that point, it was a mix as far as who was who. There was no orderly progression from car to outside seat to inside waiting area to a table. New arrivals were seated in the lounge. We've all seen it, we all know what it is like. What made it work was that Carlos used an orderly notification system. There was no worry that Jim who'd just arrive might claim to be Harry who was sitting in his vehicle. It did not matter if you were inside waiting, or in the car, when it was your turn, you got called, and if some one had given up and gone home, they only held the spot a few minutes.
Why wouldn't something like that work for our border? We catch them, process them, identify them, give them a number and then they can wait in the lot, Mexico, for their number to be called. Caveat, If you try a second time, your original number is scrapped and you go to the back of the line.
You are being persecuted? Are you being persecuted in Mexico? If so, you would be no safer here than in Mexico, let Mexico deal with your dead body.
I believe that the optic of people being returned back into Mexico and told to not return until their court date would serve as a better way to shut this down than holding them anywhere here. Then, if we get a bunch of Holly weirdo's screaming about it, bring the D list actor in and tell them that we will gladly allow them to accommodate as many deportable aliens as their house is capable of holding, to include tents on their lawn, as long as they post a bond against any damages their "guests" might cause, and they be accountable for the deportable aliens accountability. I would even be reasonable on the bond, say $150,000 per individual.

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