Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Can we get a third?

With the announcement that Justice Kennedy is retiring, liberal heads began exploding. I heard the racket, but assumed that it was just kids getting an early start on 4th of July fireworks. Kennedy has been about as reliable as French railroads since being appointed to the court.
Remember the definitions of heaven and hell? Heaven is a place where the Germans run the railroads, the English are the cops, and the French cook. Hell is when the French run the railroads, the Germans are the cops, and the English cook. Just in case you didn't get where I was coming from.
President Trump has a golden opportunity to nominate another true conservative. Several of the names on his list are young, and would have influence for thirty or more years. Several blogs are floating names. The important thing is to not get another Kennedy, or worse, a Stevens or Souter. it is bad enough that Clinton and Soetoro appointed liberal communists, but to get one appointed by a conservative is a crime against humanity.
Of course, liberals would consider it a crime if President Trump were to get to appoint the replacement for either Badbitch Ginsberg or Brayer. People in Nevada might be deafened by the singing of Kumbia in San Franfreakshow.
At any rate, Ruth is 85, much younger than she appears, but a life of pure evil tends to make a person age quickly and with out grace. Breyer look all his 79. Those two departing would leave Keagan and the dumb ass latina as the only liberals on the court. Heck we might get our nation back from the brink. Hey! A GUY CAN HOPE.

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