Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Celebrating Perversion

Sex and the City Sicko Cynthia Nixon is slithering to be the next Governor of New York. The lesbian walking disaster just showcased her failure as a parent by "celebrating" that her daughter Samantha Mozes is a transgender.
Sorry to tell you Samantha, but calling yourself Samuel and having doctors destroy your body, then fueling the caricature with hormones to make it appear you are male will not make you male. All it will do is obliterate any chance you have of becoming a biological parent. Not that that is a bad thing, the genetic pool you came from is obviously too badly tainted to be extended.
On a slightly more positive note, Cujo maintains a slight edge among voters in all groups as the candidates for the bottom of the barrel trudge toward their September Primary. Given the reliability or trustworthiness of the pollsters though, a 61-26 margin may mean nothing. That either choice is bad for New York goes with out saying.

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