Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Computer problems

Tuesday while checking a link from a fellow blogger, a yahoo search, I got an error message and a malware warning. I shut down the connection, but when I attempted to log back in, it would load explorer, then shut down and disconnect my dial up. I was able to log on several times using netscape, but then it started doing the same thing.
When I attempted to diagnose the problem, I found all my anti virus, malware, spyware etc gone. Norton, malware bytes, Stopzilla, all gone.
I have been experiencing problems with yahoo searches redirecting for the past several months on all my computers, and thought it was their problem. Has anyone else had this happen?
I loaded the latest version of explorer, it does the same thing.
Luckily none of my stored data is damaged, and everything is backed up except the last month or so.
I fired up the backup system which I detest. It is windows vista, and is slower then molasses.

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