Friday, July 17, 2009

The war on terror is far from over.

As Barry Soetoro shifts Americas focus from fight to flight, embolden terrorists in Barry's adopted home of Indonesia launched bomb attacks on two hotels killing at least nine and wounding 50. At least fourteen foreigners were aong the dead.
Indonesia is the most populous muslim nation i the world, yet maintains a secular government, at least on the surface. Muslim fundamentalism runs deep though. It has been four years since the last successful attack, but keep in mind it has been eight years since the last major attack on American soil. Major? Yes, one muslim wannabe made a suicide attack in Oklahoma kiling one, himself. I doubt he got 72 virgins, but then I doubt any muslim gets anything more then a hot afterlife in hell.
One good point to the muslim religion, they still practice modesty, which most Christians have forsaken. The double benefit is we don't need to look at their ugly women.
I was in line at a gas station in Mesa Az. the woman ahead of me was wearing a head scarf, and buying beer. When she presented her drivers license, the photo was of a woman wearing a burka. I noted that the height listed on the DL was signifigantly less then her height of about 5-10. The DL said 5-2. She was also fatter. The DL said 105, she was closer to 200. No way.
I got plenty of time to look at the ID as she argued with the clerk.

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