Monday, July 27, 2009

No mention of race in 911 call

When Lucia Whelan placed the 911 call, she never mentioned race. She said through her lawyer that she never saw the faces of the men. When asked to guess she said Mexican. Given that Skip Gates is of small stature, something rare among black males, her guess is logical.
Gates, while playing the race card to the hilt, has come off as angry, he shouldn't be. Maybe its time to be more neighborly. When your neighbors don't recognize you, its a problem.
I agree with the Police arresting Gates, I also agree with dropping the charges. It would be pointless to pursue the matter. Gates has had his ass handed to him in the court o public opinion, Mr Soetoro has made an ass of himself on national television. racial profiling is a problem, nearly as bad as race baiting. Gates should attend a course or three on race relations. He should be grateful Police respond to reports of problems regardless of race. racial problems will never be a thing of the past. There will always be some racial tension, it comes from not understanding each others cultures, and affects Asians whites blacks, you name a race, its there. As long as nearly half of all murders are committed by blacks against blacks, the police will be wary.
the inner city culture foisted by Johnson's great society destroyed the black family. with out solid role models, blacks, and especially black men have suffered. Gates could become a role model, but he needs to get the chip off his shoulder.

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