Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Getting ready for a trip

I will be traveling to Arizona for the funeral of my Aunt who passed away on Sunday. She retired to Sunny Arizona after a long teaching carreer in Lawrence Kansas.
Twenty some years ago, she vowed she would never marry again after the death of her fourth husband, but time and a good man won her over. She will be remembered for her enthusiasm and spirt. She was a die hard republican when I was a kid and was instrumental in converting me from socialism to capitalism when I moved here in 1982. She outlived four husbands losing one to war, one to cancer, and one to heart disease. I'm not sure what the fourth died of, she divorced him when I was a tot.


kerrcarto said...

Sorry to hear that. Have a safe trip.

CharlieDelta said...

Dude that sucks. I will raise my next beer to your Aunt. (T-minus 3,2,1...)

I have an aunt who is trying to convert me from capitalism to socialism, so at least you got the long end of the stick. May your Aunt rest in peace.

Say hello to my possible future home state for me would ya?