Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Minnesota vs Iran

Minnesota democrats are far smarter then the ones in Iran. They know to keep a rigged election close.
Coleman conceded. Dems now have a filibuster proof majority. America is screwed for the next year and a half as they will be cramming BS legislation like crap and trade down our throats. Good luck surviving until 2010.
Sorry, butthere are too many issues surrounding that election. "Discovered ballots, some ballots counted twice. Like the Washington governor race, this one stinks. republicans need to take away a lesson here, certain offices need to be kept free of idilogical people that goes for bot hsides of the isle. I want conservatives to win, but I never want to see us do it where the election is rigged. Florida 2000? All the after action reviews prove the dirty party was Gore. Bush was successful in preventing a scam.

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