Monday, July 6, 2009

Debt Collectors FORCE people into Bankruptcy?

Accoding to AP, that is the case. From the screed;
States that allow debt collectors to seize consumers' wages have sharply higher bankruptcy rates than neighboring states that prohibit or strictly limit the practice, an Associated Press analysis has found.
How about a little journalistic integrity? The headline should read: States that shelter deadbeats have a lower rate of collection.
Here in Kansas where we are allowed to go after their wages, there are a number of times when people will file bankruptsy to erase their stupidity.Kansas revamped their laws though, Court judgements are no longer subject to bankruptsy in most cases. Fifteen years ago I had tenants rack up huges debts, then file bankruptcy and slither out of it. When they did, I couldn't even mention the debt to landlords running a back ground check.
I know circumstances can cause horrific changes in peoples lives, from the guy who gets hit by flying debris as he mowes his lawn and cannot work, to the lady whose company closed the door on Friday and told no one it wasn't opening back up on Monday. People who are hit hard by things beyond their control I feel for. Its the ones who max out a dozen or more credit cards I don't feel for.
One time I sued a person for back rent and damages. When I arrived for the small claims trial where liars err lawyers are not welcome, there were four lawyers seated in the room. When the judge called the trial to order, his first question was the reason for the sharks. All of them stated they were there to serve papers on the defendant, nothing more. Then a fifth liar entered and informed the judge that he was representing the defendant and had just filed bankruptcy on her behalf, and gave me paper work naming me as a creditor. The judge dismissed the case.
I was out the three months rent she owed, and damages. all totaled, more then $16,000.
The laws need to be revamped to allow criminal charges anytime lost rent exceeds $1,000. make it hot for the deadbeats and they will either fly right or go away.
In states that protect deadbeats, they have no reason to file bankruptcy. They can let the debt pile up, and no one will do a darn thing about it. After seven years the debt is erased, and they have a revolving door of bad credit. They don't care, no one doeas anything to them. Its time for North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Florida and Texas to fix their laws and punish dead beats.

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