Monday, July 20, 2009

Whats the real deal?

American Pravda reports that the family of captured soldier Bowe Bergdahl wants privacy. I can understand getting tired of a nosy noisy press corps, but if it was my kid, I'd be making appeals of some sort. For me, it would be increased bombings of villages that harbor or support the Taliban.

The news has been some what confusing on the issue as well. Various reports have had him as walking away from base accompanied by three afghans, but his televised confession has him as being caught when he lagged behind a patrol.
I seriously doubt he was captured off a patrol. When on the move, you keep track of where the guy ahead of and behind you are. That 11B 101.
So how did this guy get captured? or did he turn himself over to the Taliban voluntarily? Would anyone be that stupid? Lets hope not.
Reports say he left in the company of three Afghans. Who, and what were these guys? did they sucker him out with promises of some sort? Maybe an appeal for humanitarian help? Or did he seek them out for assistance? Michelle Malkin posted about an e-mail claiming some one in his unit said he had a journal indicating an intent to go to the hills for time to think.
What ever the real deal, keep this guy in your prayers. Life is fixing to get real bad for him or his family.

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