Friday, July 3, 2009

A minor run in

Some years back the son of a neighbor turned eighteen. His folks wanted to get him an apartment and we rented one to the kid. It was right across the street from a grade school. You can see where this is going, can't you? Not many months after he moved in, he was arrested for indecent liberties with a child. Since most of the information on it was not released, I only heard what my neighbor told me. He claimed that "Joe" had a girlfriend who was only fifteen, and that he'd had sex with her for quite some time. "Joe went to jail for it, spent several years in prison, was released, screwed up, back in. He was registered as a sex offender. He listed his residence as mom and dads place, and they had a room for him there. He got into drugs. I personally saw him purchase meth on two occasions. Reported to the police both times.
Last year a female tenant of mine introduced me to her new boyfriend. It was "Joe".
I told them both in no uncertain terms he was not allowed on the property, or any property I owned. When she asked why, I told her that 1, he had been a very poor tenant, that he had routinely thrown used condoms out the window onto the side walk when he rented from me, 2, that I had seen him buying drugs, and 3 that he was known to me to be a sex offender.
She got quite upset about that statement and called me a liar.
Since I knew he was registered, I went home and printed a copy of his profile from the state web site and showed to her.
I soon received complaints from several other residents of the building. Seems "Joe" would hang out in the hall of the building. He propositioned several tenants or their guests.
Then I got a bomb shell delivered. One of my tenants was a victim of his. She was not fifteen at the time of the molestation, she was twelve. She had been a sixth grader in the school across from "Joe"s apartment and he had lured her up there. She also told me that two other of his victims had been class mates.
She sought and obtained a restraining order against him. he had harassed her as well.

Several months later, I had a call from a woman, Jo Ann wanting to rent an apartment. I scheduled a showing. She called about a half hour before the showing to tell me her car was broke down. I agreed to pick her up for the showing. When I arrived, dang if "Joe" wasn't there. I showed her an apartment, but we declined to rent to her due to other reasons, no job, serious creditors etc.

Several weeks later, I saw "Joe" again, this time in a convenience store. He was hitting on one of the clerks, but left when I walked in. I told her that he was a convicted sex offender. She said OK, but asked for some proof.
That night, I went back to the state web Page, but could not find his info. In browsing though, I found a sex offender page for Jo Ann, the woman I had seen him with. Sex offenders are not allowed to congregate.
After not finding his page on the state database, I searched my desk. Sure enough, I had a copy yet. I made another copy, and took that to Joy, the clerk. She then confronted "Joe" and told him to stay the fuck away from her.
About two days later, I got a call from the local police informing me that I might be charged with harassing and intimidating "Joe". They told me to cease and desist, and informed me that he had been removed from the state data base because it was now fifteen years after the fact.

Yesterday I walked into Walmart Tire and Lube Express. "Joe"s dad was at the far end of the counter, but not looking toward me.
After a few minutes, one of the associates turned to me and asked if I knew this man, pointing at "Joe"s dad.
I said I did, then said hello to him. He was walking away, but paused, turned , then yelled at me to not talk to him, and said I should hang my head in shame for what I'd done to "Joe", then called me about every name in the book that he knew. He has a limited vocabulary, so it wasn't much.
After he stormed off, The same associate came to wait on me. She asked what that was about, and I simply said I used to rent to his son.
She said," You rented to the child molester, huh"?
I told her that she should watch her language as he was delisted, and that my having referred to "Joe "that way was why he went off on me.
There had been a dozen or more people present when it happened. Eight of them, after hearing my version came up and thanked me for telling the clerk about "Joe".

I have no love for child molesters. I knew his victim, but never knew her story until he started harassing her again. She was not an early bloomer. When I first met her, she was fourteen, and looked younger.
If a girl looks and acts older, and if she portrays herself to be an adult, I have no sympathy for her, but a sixth grader rarely passes for an adult. This girl sure didn't.
Child molesters like "Joe" should never be released back onto society.

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