Friday, July 22, 2011

Bugger of a day

Just because the rental inspection monster has gone back into its cave does not mean its Pahty time. Went by one of my apartment buildings and found that the sewer had backed up. into the basement. The building has an old line. Its a six inch clay, which means tree roots. This summer being a typical hot Kansas summer, the trees are looking for moisture. That means roots through old clay lines. Seven hours of auguring on the root mess with a one inch electric eel will make even a kid like me feel OLD.
Top that off with the usual laundry list of broken outlets dripping sinks, and light bulbs that need changed, and you have one heck of a day.
The girl friend and I ended the days festivities with a trip to Pillsbury Crossing. The water is down now, only an inch or two over the ledge, but its still cool in the pond. Lots of folks with the same idea. several dozen cute gals in bikinis, enough to give a guy like me a crook in the neck big time.

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