Monday, July 11, 2011

Dual Survival

I recorded most of their shows and have been watching them at my leisure. I would not call them entertainment. In each episode they portray the worst possible scenario for the duo. Take notes, it might save your life. Nature lurks around every corner, and nature can be a mean mother.
Even in the middle of a busy city, you can suddenly find yourself in a survival situation. Power can be lost for any reason, it could be a tornado, an ice storm, or a terror attack. When the juice goes out, life gets hard, real hard.
Cody and Dave harp every time on the basics, food, shelter, fire, water and escape. The elements are the same, the importance varies, the situation dictates.
Each time they present several different approaches for obtaining these basics. The situations are not real nor are they intended to be. Its not a look and see, did they survive, situation. I read a bit on the blog for the show, Some folks in Washout State, err Washington State are mad that they portrayed the northern rain forest as having turkeys. Hate to tell em, Washington Turkeys have no wings or feathers, and they often drink Starbucks crapachino. Bet the elk carcass in Buried wasn't a chance find either.
The idea is to give clueless folks some idea of what it would take for them to survive long enough to get rescued.
Stories abound in the news. last winter I saw two incidents of folks getting lost in the mountains, stuck in the snow and some one losing a life. All because they didn't adhere to basic survival rules.

I hope you all watch the show and take something away from it. It may save your life. Hopefully you will never need it, but bad days happen.

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