Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Guilty as hell, free as a bird

Casey Anthony has been acquitted on the most serious of the charges. From what I saw of the trial, and to be sure I did not watch it all, she was guilty.
Simple facts:
1. Healthy four year olds do not die of natural causes.
2. Responsible parents do not hide the body of a deceased loved one.
3. A loving parent would not dump a body like so much trash where animals and elements would destroy it.
4. Parents who care about their missing child do not go out and party like care free teenagers.
Whether Casey died by intent or by accident, she died at the hands of her mother. I do not for one minute believe she drowned.
Pure and simple though, the evidence was not there. The Prosecutor made a very bad call in taking this to trial. He should have waited. Time is his friend here not his enemy. All the physical evidence available had been gathered, nothing was going to vanish. New technology arises every day, and guilty people talk. Sooner or later, had this been left a cold case, something would have shown up to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that she was guilty. Now, when that evidence finally arises, she is protected by double jeopardy. She is not however protected from GOD. Rest assured Casey, some day there will be justice for your daughter.


RJIII said...

So they gonna call this the O Jugs trial instead of the OJ trial?

Gregory said...

Too true, too true.

John said...

and 5--Accidental deaths don't usually involve duct tape over the mouth and nose!

It is unbelievable that the prosecution was so incompetent that they couldn't convince a jury of this crime! According to one jurist, they couldn't agree that a crime had even occurred! Clearly, the prosecution did not do a very good job of presenting their case.