Sunday, July 3, 2011

Not the unibomber

Still dangerous. A couple of dick weeds thought it would be funny to set off a bomb in Junction City KS.I hope Bryan Hicks, Hugh Jackson, and Corey Everette enjoy the hospitality. Next time guys, stick to fire crackers, and remember the rules, place fire cracker between lips, light fuse, count to ten then spit.


Unknown said...

You are 100 percent bona fide, douche bag. I made a mistake. Have you ever, douche?

Unknown said...

You misspelled Unabomber by the way. You also stated a couple of "dickweeds" were involved. There were actually three involved, Sir Douche Bag. Allow me to point out your mistakes as you freely point out the mistakes of others. Get off your Throne. You are not God. Have you ever made a mistake, is what I meant to say.