Tuesday, July 26, 2011


So officials in Oklahoma have discovered that bears like donuts. Color me shocked. Or not. One morning years ago when I was taking my sons to school we stopped for donuts. My youngest did not finish his, and it some how ended up on the floor boards. Several days later, I got stopped by a cop. As I was looking for the Insurance card and registration, I spotted that left over morsel, and picked it out of the grime. Holding it aloft, I turned to the cop who was beside my truck and exclaimed, "Damn your nose is good."
Now officials in Oklahoma tell us that bears love them donuts. Oops, wrong bears. Every one knows the safest places in America are donut stores, and barbecue joints, so if you wanna be safe, put a Dunkin Donuts next to Boss Hoggs BBQ Pit, and live there. As for the black bears, best of luck huntin em guys.

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