Saturday, July 23, 2011

News Flash

Sarah Palin is about to become a grandmother again. Track tied the knot with Girlfriend Britta, and she apparently is pregnant. Uber stupid liberal propagandist K.C. Dermody was quick to jump all over this accusing Palin of being responsible because of her beliefs in Abstinence only sex ed. Problem is, While Palin endorses abstinence, her view is that sex ed should teach abstinence as the best means, while also instructing kids about the proper use and perils of other forms of birth control. That is a far cry from abstinence only, and dumb ass Dermody goes even further and links to the immoral minority as proof that Palin is responsible.
Well, the fact is that society plays a bigger role today then parents do with regard to sexual behavior. Track has been away from home for several years now. He is a big boy, and taking responsibility for his actions as compared to democrats who use abortion to destroy theirs.
K.C. Too bad your mommy wasn't smarter. if she had kept her legs together, you wouldn't be a problem now, would you? Moron.

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Anonymous said...

How laughable. You have zero comments, until now. You have 1. Your blog is Kansas Red Neck. Possibly you should look in the mirror and learn how to communicate properly. Maybe more people would read your blog.