Sunday, July 17, 2011

O'Malley is a moron

It seems Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley wants to blame republican legislators for the ruinous economy. Hogwash? This is lower then hogwash. Stupid shit like this would poison even hogs.
The economy tanked in 2007 when the democrats resumed control of congress. There was a lot of bickering about legislation, and republicans, thanks to the media being in bed with the communists, got the blame. In 2008 the democrats took full and complete control of the government. The republicans, not only in the minority, but lacking enough clout to even filibuster in the senate, could only sit by and watch. 2009 and 2010 saw the direction the democraps wanted to take this nation, destroying the economic engine and forcing manufacturing off shore. 2010 saw the people say ENOUGH OF THIS GARBAGE!
The people spoke in 2010. With 37 of the senate seats up for grabs, republicans were successful in defending all of their seats plus taking six from the democrats, a nearly 1/3 loss for communism, or its spineless version socialism. Martin, the people get it. Your main holds were places like California, Hawaii, Oregon, and Maryland. Loony bins all.
Lets see how you fare in 2012. the 2006 election was a rebellion against Bush and Iraq. 2012 will be a chance to show again where America stands. Democrats took six seats in 2006, will they be able to hold them in 2012? I have my doubts. Democrats committed suicide with their fiscal blundering from what I see.
Democrat deflection of blame is nothing new. Democrats don't want to own what is theirs, especially the housing bubble. They don't want to own up that the stimuless was nothing but hand outs of federal money to their backers. Robbery at its lowest political form.
Americans have spent the last few years experiencing what it is like to have mountains of credit card debt and reduced income. At the same time they are feeling the pinch even more as democrats pick harder at their pockets. Its not a pleasant feeling, and the idea of being squeezed nationally by marxist countries is not a good one to most rational folks.
We the workers, the ones who create wealth want less government. We want congress to treat our tax dollars like they belong, not to a rich and generous uncle, but to a mean angry step father who will take away the car keys and stick their ass in the wood shed for all eternity. We demand fiscal responsibility from our government just like lenders demand it from us. Saddly, in six to ten years, a new crop of voters, many with only the education that liberal teachers spit out will be voting, and we will have to go through this all again. History aint taught in schools any more. The commies won't tell what communism is really like.
Get it O'Malley? Didn't think so.

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