Thursday, July 21, 2011

It had one good feature

The city of Manhattan started a rental inspection program last year. The program was a poorly veiled attack aimed at so called slum lords. It did nothing to help poor or disadvantaged people, instead it was just another government program swelling burocracy.
The rental inspections, invasions of provacy on a grand scale had one good feature, they went after renters who destroyed or damaged properties. Four K-State stupids err studunces err, dang it, students got to rot in jail for a few day after they trashed an apartment.
That promped the comission led by batshit crazy Jim Scumbag Sherow to review the program. They met on it Tuesday to decide how to modify it. Shit for brains limited comments to "New issues" and about 150 new issues were brought up. Several comissioners wanted to table it for further review, and Jim threw a hissy fit. When the vote was taken to table it, Jim got his way, it was not tabled. When the vote came to pass it, it went the way of the passenger pigeon.
The rental invvasion is no more. At lest for now. Count on Jim and his fellow waste of tax dollars, Phil Anderson to revive it as often as they can, and to keep in our faces about it.

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