Thursday, November 21, 2013

A good idea

High speed chases are a nightmare unfolding. When the bad guys decide to punch it, life gets dicy. The police often have no clue what may be prompting the person to run, and it gets ugly fast. The recent shooting in New Mexico is one example of how things can get off kilter.
In that instance, the police shot at a van after the driver became belligerent during what should have been a routine speeding stop. She sped off, her 14 year old kid got in the officers face, and eventually another officer shot at the vehicle, creating a hue and cry because children were in the vehicle.
Yes, it was just a speeding violation, and the response by the cops was over the top, shooting at a vehicle containing small kids. Was it though? The cops had no idea why she acted the way she did. She might have had a vehicle loaded with drugs, or an escaped fugitive hiding in the back.
Police now have a new option though. Its called a GPS cannon. It attaches to the front grill of the squad car, and fires a tracking device so they can follow th vehicle with out a full blown chase, and catch the bad guys later.
Lets take it one step further though. Every time An officer makes a stop, protocol is to place a hand on th rear of the vehicle, leaving a print so if things go bad, there is physical evidence on the vehicle. On board cameras make it an obsolete gesture. Maybe what we should have, is the officer placing a GPS tracker on the back of the vehicle, so if the driver decides to flee,  they have a homing beacon, at least until its discovered and removed. Basically, a zoomback with a magnetic strip on it.
Some of my rants lead people to think I'm anti cop, I'm not. They are an important part of society, and they are there in time of trouble to report what went wrong and hopefully bring justice.  Stuff like the shooting in Washington, the molestation in Deming, and other over the top tactics should not be tolerated. The police are there to serve us, and we need them. We need them to know their place, and remember that they are our servants, not our masters.
Back to the device, if this tool can take some of the danger out of the equation, its a good thing. I see that situations can be defused rather then escalated, and handled with less lethal force then a high speed chase generates. One other benefit is that it would allow officers to obtain warrants rather then making searches and seizures that get questioned in courts from podunk all the way to SCOTUS. Keeping police out of questionable situations improves life for them and for us. The life it saves might be am officer, but it might very well be a van load of kids with an idiot mother.

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