Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The Body.

Our society is like a body. No, this is not the joke about the asshole wanting to be boss. He is, but that isn't the point tonight. We the people are the life blood of our body. Everything we do is intended to keep the body functioning and make it stronger. Not every thing in our blood stream is a red blood cell, and not every thing in our society is either. Just as blood contains white blood cells to fight infections, our society has police and military to do the same thing. When a body is vibrant and healthy, it needs only a few white blood cells to keep it healthy. When the body comes under attack as we did on Dec 7, 1941, and again on 9-11-01, we need an influx of white cells, military and police to fight that infection.
Some times the body has mutations it has to fight as well. Al Capone is a prime example of that. Some times, the body does not need all those white blood cells, and they get absorbed back into the body. But some times the body gets leukemia. Then, the white cells begin attacking the red blood cells and destroy the life blood of the society.
We seem to have that problem now. We have a lot of white blood cells out there. Sure, we have suffered some pretty outrageous attacks, but now the body should be healing.
It appears to me that the outrageous attacks on citizens has reached an epidemic proportion. From the Llamas brothers in Topeka, to David Eckert in Deming, the assaults are on the rise. I picked the Llamas brothers for a reason, why? They were scum bags. They still had rights though, and getting shot by an off duty drunk cop in your own yard is about as serious a violation as any we could name. As I said, not model citizens. half of Topeka was cheering, the other half were mad. BTW, a ton of decent folks were mad, and a heck of a lot of the scum who were competition were over joyed. They got a 300K payday for their misery. That was taxpayer money.
To hear the Deming story from the police, David was on par with the Llamas. To hear Davids side, he was a choir boy or close to it. (Not really, but) he is looking for a million plus payday. I hope he gets it, and if he is a scum bag, I hope he blows it on dumb stuff. The bad part is the folks in Deming will pay through the nose for it. $190 for each household per million he receives. I don't know about you, but if poor policing cost me even a hundred bucks, I'd be for throwing the cops in a train bound for no where. Every last one of them. What you ask, even the good officers? If they are willing to sit next to a bad officer, they are not a good officer.
For the citizens of Deming, its this simple, clean house or own it. remember, the next victim could be you.

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Phil said...

The leukemia analogy is spot on.
Very well put.