Friday, November 29, 2013

My thoughts on illegal immigrants

I have a friend in the restaurant business. She tells me it is hard as heck to find people today willing to work. This is a college town, it should be chock full of kids looking for a job, any job. The problem is these kids have no work ethic. When they graduate, if they graduate, they will move into the work force in upper levels. Many of them want all the perks daddy has with out doing the thirty years of work daddy did to earn them. So these kids show up at the fast food joint, and expect to do little or nothing. She has even had cases where first day hires want to tell seasoned employees what to do and how to do it. That does not fly.
She recently told me that the best workers are foreign born. They arrive hungry. Not for food, but for an opportunity to make a better life for them selves. The down side is, they are easy prey for abuse. They don't want to jeopardize a job and risk deportation. It creates an ugly and dangerous situation.
I sympathize with them. They risked their lives crossing into this country looking for a better life. That does not mean I agree with them. I want a secure border first and foremost. A barrier that keep people from making the dangerous trek across   the worst parts of the south west. That needs to be job one.
I also sympathize with employers. Until we do something to make people work, the lazy will find ways to hang on and get their EBT cards filled and live like leeches off of us. Ending benefits, and punishing the people who enable them needs to be job two. when employers would rather hire a foreigner, we have a problem. If foreign workers are found in a place of business. make the owner show that he tried to hire natural born workers and could not. employee records would suffice. My friend has a file cabinet full of folders on kids she hired, and fired because they had an attitude and would not do the job. I draw a line between businesses who are trying to hold on vs those who take advantage of the foreign workers.
 What to do with the ones we have here? I am not necessarily in favor of blanket deportations. First, I would make it that a foreigner who arrived illegally could never earn the right to vote. Same for their children. I would let them stay, I would let them work, but I would not extend privileges to them. I also would not allow them to receive welfare payments of any type. Hell, I want to end those for the leeches we have now. Same for free medical. They either pay the ER bill, or the Mexican government does.
I would also tax all Western Union transactions going across the border. Minimum tax, 25%. The can apply it on their tax return when they file at the end of the year.
This is just a start. We have an economy that is in dire straits due to the management of the present administration, we need to be working on getting it healthy. Only a few years ago we were in a boom time. Those foreign workers filled a niche that appeared bottomless. We welcomed them with open arms. The tide has turned though, and its not right to turn on them since they are not the problem. Many of them hold beliefs which are not compatible with the main stream communism of the democrat party, so lets not push them to support communism and the tyranny they fled to come here.

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Spartacus said...

It's been said over and over that few if anyone is against immigrants, they just need to enter the country legally. This is something that Liberals have proven themselves too stupid to understand.

We don't need new laws and I doubt the current system needs to be overhauled. What needs to happen is enforcement of existing laws and immigration policies.

What good will come from creating new laws and procedures if we're not even capable of enforcing the old ones? None. A few years down the road we'll be right back where we are right now, proposing new legislation to help the poor immigrants that entered the country illegally, just like what has happened since Reagan granted them amnesty.