Tuesday, November 19, 2013

This guy can't win

George Zimmerman is back in the news. After being acquitted for ridding the world of St Skittles the thug, He next made news when his soon to be exwife claimed he assaulted her.
She kicked him to the curb, and he moved in with Samantha Scheibe who now is claiming he assaulted her!
Being that this is a he said she said ordeal, it will be difficult to know the truth. In any case, George is showing piss poor judgement.
1. You don't block some one out of their own apartment. The place is in Samantha's name, not his, so when things got heated, he should have used the exit for his own benefit. There are plenty of women in the world, and there might even be one that he can get along with close by and lonely.
Its like the story of the two frat boys walking down a country road late on a cold night. Every few minutes, the one guy would boot the other in the ass. After several of these kicks, the receiver turned and demanded to know why he was the target of aggression. Replied his companion, "Next time you tell the girls fuck or walk, make sure its our vehicle."
2. Keep the weapons in the closet during domestic disputes. Hell, if your girl is want to fight, keep them in a gun safe. Another thing would be to use your stupid phone to record the events, unless of course, you really are dumb enough to branish a gun.
I do not automatically accept that he is guilty. Police and the courts don't like to admit it, but case studies, and all the data the FBI possesses show that women are more violent then men. A lot of it has to do with hormones, but the popo still like to believe the weaker sex.
If he is guilty, I hate it for him. The Floriduh penal system is not the place he wants to be. There are too many gang bangers there who are like St. Skittles, only breathing. He may end up proving the liberals right about guns. Can't trust a liberal to own one.

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