Monday, November 4, 2013

This is a role model?

In my book, Richie Incognito is anything but. I have ranted many a time about the poor examples set by many athletes. These guys are people whom kids look up to, that is what makes this all the worse. If this was two guys working at the neighborhood tire store, I'd give a shit less. Instead, these are men who are on national TV every week for months. Guys whose names are on the lips of many ten year olds. Kids dream of a chance to play in the big leagues. They don't dream of becoming gutter trash.
I choose teams based in large part, on the character of the players. Sure, every team has its share of losers, and for that, I don't send them my money. Its a fun way to kill an afternoon, especially now when 3/4ths of the time I don't feel like doing jack shit.
When the NFL was looking at Incognito, several teams, according to the story, listed him as do not draft because they saw the character issues in him. The NFL needs to raise their standards. Men like Incognito, Mike Prick err Vick, and quite a few others Should not be allowed on the field except as janitorial staff. The NFL should have an evaluation session on all potential players, and those with convictions for serious offenses should be barred. Guys who assault women, use drugs, drink excessively, rob, steal, the list goes on, should not be allowed into the draft, or onto the field. Every potential pick should be screened. You want to be on national television? You better be worth putting on then.
Have a vote, if a coach gives a down vote, let the player know. Not necessarily the name of the coach, but the reason, if they are passed on. Same goes for players who start out clean and turn into shit heads. Ben Rottenberger should have gotten a life time ban, not a short suspension. Assaulting a woman should have earned him a career on the back of a garbage truck, or in it.
As for Richie, the NFL should do a thorough investigation.  If the facts show he intimidated Martin, he should be thrown out of the league, and he should be made to repay his earnings from the moment of his first infraction to the end. Every dime of it.
If you want to be a hero to my grand kids, you better be a good one. this generation is fucked up enough as it is thanks to abortion, divorce, and liberals in Washington. They don't need another hero who isn't.
Oh, and all the schools who want to ban tee shirts because of slogans? Ban Incognito jerseys, then we'll talk.


Gregory said...

I suppose I should watch these players at least some of the time--because of my son-in-law slobbering over them all the time....But I quit looking and listening to them, because partly of their morals, and partly because of their pay. I couldn't name 6 teams of anything in this world anymore. I guess I am kind of a bad example myself, but, what can I do?

JeremyR said...

Sounds like you pick better hero's. Between pro cashletes, and the bad actors, this generation is screwed and screwed up. There are days I want to throw the tv off a cliff. Other days I want to shoot it.