Sunday, November 24, 2013

Damn right its a civil rights issue

Mark Suckerberg, the idiot savant inventor of farcebook is switching feet. He went on ABC's this week and stated that immigration reform is one of the biggest civil rights issues facing this nation. He's is right in a way, it is a big civil rights issue. millions of Americans legally here are being denied jobs because we allow illegals to live and work without repercussions.

Mark, next time pick get a clue for a billion dollars. All the money in your checking account won't make you right, so shut up and stick to what you know, computer code.


Spartacus said...

If Mexicans Democrats are so vehement about being U.S. citizens, then Why didn't Harry, Nancy and Barry declare war on Mexico when Democrats owned both chambers of the legislative branch and the executive branch? By now they could have annexed it as our 51st state.

Spartacus said...

^ Mexicans & Democrats... not Mexicans Democrats, if there's a difference.