Thursday, November 28, 2013

Well Well Well

I've seen several reports recently about the lesbian waitress in New Jersey who claimed to have been stiffed on a tip by folks who supposedly left her a nasty note about her life style choice. Its appears all is not as it appears.
One problem with grabbing the spot light, is that its glare oft times reveals your flaws. Its starting to look like Dayna is a serial liar. Part of her resume is a stint in the Marine Corps. It now looks like she was booted by the Corps. Ok, not every one is perfect, and seriously, the Marines are not every ones cup of tea. The are a lot of good people who don't measure up to their standards, and if a person is not fit for the Corps, its best they not be there for every ones sake. My guess is she left after they refused to give her any awards for her heroics in combat in Iraq err Afghanistan err New York. Yeah, shes a trooper, a Garret trooper. Or at least has as many tall tails as the average REMF.
Fiends are now telling all about her. The good news is she does not have brain cancer,(but does she have a brain?) was never raped by her father, did not loose a child to cervical cancer, and did not wind up with a boat in her living room after Sandy. The bad news is she has not run out of tall tails to tell.
My bet on what happened is that she printed a second copy of the ticket. If there was a print error, they will make a second copy with out a duplicate tag on them, then either doctored it herself, or had a friend do it for her. I do not buy for a New York minute that a co worker did this to offend her. No waitress worth her salt lets some one else get at her receipts. When you work for tips, you treat them like gold.
Some say Time will tell, but shit like this usually only makes it as far as The Enquirer.
Thanks Dayna for proving that its a dog eat dog world when you don't follow GODs commands.
Oh, and Wounded Warriors? Don't hold your breath waiting for her to donate the money she defrauded. She has no honor.

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